Water Well Drilling Rig

  • RZ-200 Drilling Rig
RZ-200 Drilling Rig

RZ-200 Drilling Rig

  • Product description: RZ-200 Water Well Drilling Rig,Max Drilling Diameter:? 200mm

1 This small drilling machine occupies a small area ( 1square meters), a height of 3.5 meters stand, the job can be installed in less than ten minutes.can be used at indoor and outdoor site.

2 Can be disassembled, after dismantling ,the total length is less than 2 meters, the largest component is no more than 40 kg.Can be load on a vehicle as it is very light.

3 The well pipe is fully enclosed, shallow layer has no leakage, can ensure the health and safety of drinking water.

4 The drills has rock breaking ability. can drill 50 meters per hour. The deepest hit is 180 meters, can pierce the hard rock accompanied by a diamond bit.

5 Research and Develop by ourself,it breaks difficult problem that easy to drill and hard to disassemble.

6 All the lifting, loading and unloading drill pipe is mechanized, time-saving, labor-saving and easy to operate.

How to operate the portable drilling rig? Please watch this video